The World’s First Free Roaming 4G Pocket Wifi Now Available

By Juliana Chan
Juliana Chan
Juliana Chan
October 10, 2015 Updated: December 9, 2015

Hong Kong uCloudlink Network Technology Ltd. released the first global 4G zero roaming Pocket Wifi—GlocalMe G2 on Sept. 23. The 4G Pocket Wifi has the widest coverage with the application of ‘Cloud SIM Card’ technology. Users will not have to worry about the hefty roaming fees they need to pay while traveling abroad on business or vacation.

Besides being convenient, G2 is fast, stable, and economical. It has strong signals and can support up to five online users. Another attractive feature is that it can be loaned to colleagues, friends, and family members at no additional charges. The network covers a total of 108 countries and regions.

GlocalMe G2 sells for US$159 (about HK$1240). G2 (6000mAh Lithium battery) can be used continuously for over 12 hours and can serve as an external charger.

GlocalMe introduces two payment systems—one roaming fees-based and the other on fixed charges. The unit charges in most areas are €0.05/MB (about H.K.$0.45/MB, U.S.$0.056/MB). Alternatively, users can choose a daily maximum charge of €10/500MB (about H.K.$87/MB, U.S.$568/MB) for a 180-day period. For instance, while taking business trips in the U.K. on this plan, the average charge is only H.K.$0.20/MB. The fee is as low as H.K.$0.08/MB if one travels in Malaysia.

All the mobile hot spots introduced by GlobalMe belong to private proprietary networks. This helps to ensure network security and is applicable to smart phones, iPads, PCs, or other smart products. GlocalMe charges are based on utilization rate and clients can use GlocalMe APP to increase the flow value, purchase fixed plan services, and other products. They can also check their account balances, utilization rate, historical data, et cetera.

Payment can be made through PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Alipay, and GlocalMe recharge cards. In addition, GlocalMe offers a 7-day return goods guarantee and a 15-day replacement guarantee. The warranty period is one year.

Juliana Chan