The Web in Auckland New Zealand

January 30, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

If you are a company doing business in Auckland, New Zealand, you should have your own specific website. Auckland Web companies have access to more than 3,810,144 Internet users. That accounts for more than 86 percent of the total population of New Zealand. Internet usage has grown steadily from 22.2 percent of the population in 2000 to 86 percent in 2012. It is obvious then that you can’t afford not to have your own website.

Once you are on the web there are more than 14 Internet providers who can whip information about your company to millions of people in just seconds.

Information about them can be found in a search of Internet Service Providers in Auckland, New Zealand.

A website designer focuses on a number of elements when designing a site. They include the following.

  • A quick loading site. A slow loading website is a sure way to irritate visitors who visit your site.
  • A landing page with important information about the company. Some websites show meaningless animation that may look nice, but provides no information to the viewer.
  • No bothersome gimmicks. You don’t want the visitor to get annoyed as he or she negotiates your site. Avoid using loud background music; flashing animations; popups or expanding advertising, etc.
  • Offer a message that is concise and easy to understand. Some websites overwhelm visitors with too much content. You want it easy for your visitors to understand what your site is about. Use pictures that help convey the message.
  • Keep the design of the site consistent. Use the same font for the text, use a consistent color scheme, and keep your navigation toolbar in the same place on each page
  • Be certain that the website is easy to navigate. Navigation tools should appear along the top, on the left side or on the bottom of the page.
  • Make certain that your website is complete. Use words that will entice visitors to keep coming to your site. For example, you can use phrases like “Content Updated Weekly” or “New Products Added Monthly.” Include a blog that tells a story every week that is relevant to your business and site. It helps the site look fresh and provides all sorts of new information that keeps visitors coming back for more. Fresh text will also assist in keeping your site on the top of search results lists.

Keep research engines like Google, AOL, and Bing in mind as you design and keep refreshing your website. There are all sorts of tricks you can use to assure that your website will be on the top of search engine search lists.

One trick you can pursue is to use common keywords people use to find things on search engines.  Google can help you discover the most commonly used keywords. Go to and create an account, then check out its keyword planner tool. Type in any keywords or phrases your target audience may use to find you through a search engine. You will get a whole lot of data on how to adapt your site to achieve the best search results.


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