Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Shows the Deaths of Two Characters? There’s Speculation About Glenn, Bob Dying

The Walking Dead trailer, which came out at Comic-Con, has a ton of material to sift through to try to figure out things that happen in season 5.

The trailer confirmed that Beth is alive and that Carol and Tyreese somehow get back together with Rick and the larger group–but there are some sinister and potentially heartbreaking indications as well.

Two of the possible plot points are deaths. It’s obvious that one or more of the main characters will die early in the season, with the group so large and the danger so present at Terminus.

A lot of attention has been trained on a screenshot of the trailer that shows a bald man seemingly about to swing a bat at Glenn’s head–which is how the character died in the comic book, courtesy of Negan.

The Walking Dead Baseball Bat Still - H 2014

Greg Nicotero, executive producer and special effects wizard, told Yahoo regarding the speculation about Glenn dying:

“I can say I’m glad you caught that. And that your intuition… I can’t say. I can’t say. I can say that it’s in the trailer for a reason.”

“I think you have to go back and see if there was barbed wire around the bat,” showrunner Scott Gimple added to The Hollywood Reporter of the clip. Comic book writer, and ultimate teaser, Robert Kirkman added, “We can see anything this season. Anything is possible — and good eye.”

The cast and crew of the show have discussed many times how the parts shown in previews and trailers are often meant to throw people off, and this could be one of those instances.

Now Movie Pilot points out that it appears that Bob appears to die if the trailer is looked at closely. The trailer shows a group lined up on their knees in some kind of room where things/people are killed. One of Gareth’s group has a smock and looks like a butcher. Bob pleads with Gareth to give them a chance, revealing the mission to Washington D.C.

Gareth takes notes, but still seems sinister. A shot shows two guys, including the butcher and possible-Negan, behind Daryl and Glenn. “Take a chance,” Bob implores Gareth.

However, it does seem that Gareth may stab Bob and kill him.

“He has his arm around Bob’s dead shoulders to keep him upright and never takes his eyes off Rick while he does it,” notes the blog.

Check out the screenshots to see if you agree. Season 5 starts on Sunday, October 12.

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