The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: New Pictures Appear to Show Glenn is Not Dead

The Walking Dead season 5 is under production, and one of the big topics of discussion is whether the rumors about Glenn being dead are true.

Fans are expecting at least one death early in the season as there was a distinct lack of deaths late in season 4. Plus, there’s lots of danger at Terminus. Escaping there with everyone still alive is hard to imagine.

The initial rumors about Glenn’s death came from the Facebook page Spoiling Dead Fans, which picks up tidbits from locals near where filming is taking place.

RUMOR: we have heard from multiple sources about a possible death. Word is the death of Glenn was filmed yesterday. It’s possible it could be someone else, but multiple sources stated Glenn,” it said earlier this month.

“Reports are the set was locked down and everyone was told the cast would not be coming out. It’s said that Steven was hugging production members and shaking everyone’s hand while leaving,”

However, the page published new photos recently that appear to show Steven Yeun during filming, meaning that Glenn has not died.




Glenn is one of the few original characters left in the show, and his death would definitely be upsetting for some fans. The other original characters are Rick, Carl, Darryl, and Carol.

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