The Walking Dead Season 5: Episode 1 Like ‘An Entire Movie’ (+Projected Premiere Date)

The Walking Dead season 5 is going to start off with lots of action as Rick and most of the group are trapped at Terminus but determined to fight their way out.

Rick’s group is almost at full-strength again, being comprised of Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Bob, and Sasha.

Filming for episodes 1 and 2 are done, and Greg Nicotero, who directed the premiere–as well as the season 4 premiere, and several other episodes–said that directing episodes and doing special and makeup (his other job) are different.

“With directing, you really have to step back and see the episode in its entirety. The first episode of Season 5 that I just finished directing was the most challenging in terms of the scope, the amount of work and the story we told — we literally made an entire movie within nine days,” he revealed to AMC.

“I still don’t know how I survived it. It was a true testament to every person’s ability. Dealing with makeup effects is a much more confined work area. It’s a bit more manageable, but I love them equally.”

Nicotero also said that many of the walkers will be in an extended state of decay.

“These walkers have been around for what we estimate to be a year and a half, so there’s a lot more exposed bone and skin falling off. We’ve got a whole new look on some of these featured walkers. It’s exciting,” he said, noting that he has some new tricks to roll out this season.

Meanwhile, not a lot of reliable intelligence has been coming out regarding the storyline for season 5, although there is a major death rumor circulating online.

As for a premiere date, AMC has confirmed that it will premiere in October 2014. Based on previous seasons, season 5 will likely premiere on October 12 or October 26.

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