The Walking Dead Season 4: Beth Dies? Nope, Viral Hoax Photos Don’t Show Beth’s Death

March 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Photos that allegedly show Beth dying on The Walking Dead are a hoax.

Beth was abducted by someone in a car after she and Daryl had to split up for a short time as she escaped from the house they were in and he killed a bunch of walkers.

Daryl ran outside only to see Beth’s bag on the ground and an unknown car, with a cross on the back window, taking off down the road.

Since then, people have been left wondering about Beth’s fate, just as she and Daryl had become close and seemed headed toward becoming a couple.

There’s no change on Beth’s situation, though–the photos being circulated actually show Emily Kinney–the actress who plays Beth–in a different television show getting killed.

Kinney appeared as a character named Mallory in The Following on Fox and died.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman did recently say that Beth isn’t dead. 

We’ll see Beth again … eventually,” he said. That could be in season 4, or down the road sometime in season 5. 


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