The Walking Dead: #CrazyLizzie Trends on Twitter After Lizzie Does Something Insane [Major Spoilers]

March 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

#CrazyLizzie is trending across the United States on Twitter on Sunday night after Lizzie did something completely insane [spoilers ahead].

In season 4 episode 14, Lizzie is with her sister Mika, baby Judith, and Carol and Tyreese.

The group is traveling toward Terminus when they come upon a house in a grove off the tracks, which they decide to rest in for a couple of days.

During this time, Lizzie gets furious after Carol kills a walker that she was playing with, screaming in Carol’s face. She also urges Tyreese not to kill a walker that was headed toward him, Lizzie, and baby Judith when the walker loses its legs after tripping on the tracks.

Later, Mika follows Lizzie and discovers her feeding a mouse to that same walker, telling it that she would feed it some more. Mika passionately tells her sister that they’re not alive, but Lizzie argues that Mika and the others don’t understand.

The real shock comes when Carol and Tyreese go off looking for a deer. They come back to find Lizzie holding a knife with bloody hands, next to the dead body of Mika. Judith is on a blanket crawling around.

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Lizzie says that she didn’t hurt Mika’s brain and when Mika turns, then Carol and Tyreese will understand. She even pulls a gun on them when they try to make sure Mika doesn’t turn. 

Carol coaxes the gun from her and they all later end up inside. Carol tells Tyreese that Lizzie “can’t be around humans” anymore. She walks with Lizzie outside. Lizzie thinks that Carol is upset because she pulled a gun on her, and turns away to look at flowers. Carol shoots her, crying.

The episode ends after Carol reveals to Tyreese that it was her, not Lizzie, who killed Karen and David. Tyreese tells Carol that he forgives her, though he won’t forget just as she won’t be able to. They leave the house with Judith and continue on the tracks toward Terminus.

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