The US Is Sorting Itself Into Red and Blue America

October 14, 2021 Updated: October 15, 2021


Even if you’re watching Fox News, the former broadcast media of choice for conservatives, the absence of reporting on Nov. 3, 2020 feels like an alternate universe.

In my world of national security, it is a similar and parallel alt reality. The theme of beltway-centric defense journals is to fawn over the current administration and treat the Kabul disaster as the modern equivalent of the Berlin Airlift (I’m listening right now to an Army general speak of the Kabul airlift with praise at a defense forum), mock anyone who dares question the electoral legitimacy of President Joe Biden, focus on Russia (with miniscule capabilities), and tangentially address China (pushing World War III with an invasion of Taiwan) as a minor afterthought.

CNN and other legacy media can browbeat, mock, and dismiss those who question the outcome of the election all they want. Whether these doubters are right or wrong, media is ignoring the views and feelings of a growing percentage of our country.

Right or wrong, with a growing passion Americans are pushing for forensic reviews of the election beyond Maricopa County in Arizona, overwhelming Biden at public appearances, and demanding accountability across the nation.

The Freedom Flu

Apparently, the Legacy Media doesn’t get it. A complete rebellion by the majority has broken out. The Freedom Flu of Southwest pilots and others is the equivalent of the bombardment of Ft. Sumter in 1861 that formalized the start of the first American Civil War.

Americans will not shut up, sit down, get vaccinated, and do what they are told by an administration that is increasingly authoritarian, as demonstrated by an attorney general who now threatens to unleash the FBI on parents daring to voice their opinions at School Board meetings.

The support for Biden has collapsed in a historic manner. The Blueness of Virginia is in play with the Governor’s race. Some Americans are fighting back where they stand, but the flight of many from Blue to Red states is also now undeniable

Red and Blue in Stark Contrast

I travel regularly, and the contrast between Red and Blue states is remarkable and distinct. It’s almost like Bosnia where the Serb side was de-populated, gray, and void of life while the Bosnian side was full of life, markets were swarming, and re-construction was everywhere.

As we traveled from Virginia to Washington state and back, the Red States were humming, the Blue states were static. Indiana freeways and highways were bumper to bumper with 18 wheelers. Washington State was locked down and boarded up, with the left behind hoi polloi masked up, huddled in their decaying hovels, and fearful of Trump’s return.

Want to get your car washed or home repaired in Seattle? Join the others and stand in line for days and weeks.  Some pointed with pride to their filthy and moss-covered cars as part of the religion of Big Government and Environmentalism. There was a stunning disparity in signs of support for Trump versus the current president during the cross continent trip—it wasn’t even close.

I’ve been to Florida and Texas multiple times. The evidence of growth is a spike in home prices. The population and economies are booming. The beginnings of a Red United States are forming as these two states now are challenging the aggregate population of legacy (and shrinking) California and New York at roughly 60 million.

The totalitarian behavior of blue states is driving away productive activity, opportunities, and populace. We changed our Christmas Vacation plans from going to Hawaii to be with relatives to South Carolina. It is just too difficult working a trip to Hawaii. The Hawaiian tourist mirage has collapsed, but Hawaiian’s are similarly up in arms against the repression they face.

Red America needs a land bridge from coast to coast, and then a new America can operate, separate from legacy America, which has chosen to suffocate itself. Some counties in west coast states are talking secession and re-alignment, which just might proffer that land bridge through the Columbia River or northern (or very southern) California. Hawaii may go its own way or align with Red once they shake the shackles of their one-party rule.

Who Collapses First?

Supply chain issues are the defining event and issue that are causing the downfall of globalism and the rise of populism. The historic and stunning spectacle of a growing number of vessels off of Los Angeles is what we call in the Intelligence Community, an “intelligence indicator”—pay special attention, as something very big, significant, and game changing is going on.

It takes decades of training and experience to spot these trends. Mere mortals and Legacy Media may give it a big “ho-hum,” but the tipping point has been reached. There is no going back to globalism—the system has collapsed.

China’s miracle is now being exposed as a modern Potemkin Village. Blue America is becoming stark, gray, and lifeless. China can’t intern their tech oligarchs fast enough, and the rising demonstration of military intent toward Taiwan is hopefully a final gasp by the Chinese Communist Party and never fully plays out.

The question is, who collapses first? Legacy America or China? My assessment is, as bad as it is here, China will go down first. But likely legacy America will collapse also. At that time, Red America can help resurrect all America. We can only pray for a peaceful path through this impending journey.

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John Mills
John Mills
Col. (Ret.) John Mills is a national security professional with service in five eras: Cold War, Peace Dividend, War on Terror, World in Chaos, and now—Great Power Competition. He is the former director of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and international affairs at the Department of Defense.