The Time of Your Death Is Not Far Away

March 12, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 12, 2006 12:00 am

Twenty-two days after Ouyang Xiaorong was kidnapped by the mafia thugs of the Chinese communist regime these crimes are still continually being committed in broad daylight.

When I walked to my office after breakfast today, more than twenty secret police walked with me What distinguished them from everyday people was each thug had their organization's handkerchief tied round their necks. They kept their eyes glued to the camera I held; if I moved they moved; if I stopped they stopped.

At my office I began my daily routine of reading. At approximately 11 am, my wife shouted up from the entrance to my office, calling me to come downstairs quickly because the secret police downstairs were fighting with lawyer Li Heping. I quickly ran downstairs and saw two husky six-foot-tall fellows shoving lawyer Li Heping around in the foyer and attempting to take him away by force. Li Heping is one of the proxy lawyers handling the application for a review of the Bureau of Justice's decision to revoke my legal licence. By law there are only a few days left before the deadline to submit the application. Another proxy lawyer was seized and detained illegally for 3 hours on his previous visit. Despite knowing the risks, because time is running out, attorney Li suggested meeting me. I told him whoever visits me will be taken away. He said that it is so ridiculous to try and stop a visit from a proxy lawyer! I told him he could come and try if he does not believe it; as it turned out he too was forcefully taken away.

When I pointed out to the thugs the illegality of their actions, one of them flashed an ID card at attorney Li. On it was written Beijing Police Station Officer Li Liang. Li Liang and his companions wanted to take me away forcefully as well. When I requested him to show me a legal document he looked surprised and answered: “Do you know who you are talking to? Who says we need a warrant? It is not necessary.”

“Let Me Warn You One Last Time: You Will Die Soon”

Through all this both parties remained in a scuffle that by now had gone on for ten minutes. During the whole time, Li Liang and his anonymous partner, who was over six feet tall, approached me closely. While Li Liang was wrestling with Li Heping, this other, with his face inches away from mine, threatened me many times.

Then he said the following, which I found most interesting: “Gao, you must remember what I say today; you cannot remain this arrogant for long. In a few days we will bring you somewhere to talk and I will make you suffer horribly, so you must remember my words today!” From the way he gritted his teeth while he spoke those words, one could tell that he regarded me completely as his personal enemy although this was our first meeting, making me wonder whether to laugh or cry!

Another plainclothes policeman came in right up to my face and said, “Let me tell you clearly, you will not remain arrogant for long. In a few days time when we meet alone somewhere, we will definitely treat you nicely.”

Yet another secret police who was also well-built came rushing in. This fellow had a fat head with a thick face and wore a thick chain on his neck. He pushed his fat face close to mine and said to me fiercely, “Gao Zhisheng, you are going to die soon! Mark my words, you are nearing death! Who do you think you are? Even those on top have to listen to us; even Hu Jintao does as we tell him. We can create enough evidence in a day to arrest you a hundred times. Just wait and see. Very soon we will let you know who we are! Let me warn you one last time: you will die soon.” After twenty minutes of fighting between both parties, attorney Li Heping and Jiang Tianyong were forcefully taken away by the plainclothes officers.

Advertisement Reveals CCP's Corrupt and Frightened Nature

The Chinese communist regime is often seen as cowardly and insecure in its actions. When I returned home, a commercial advertisement from China's CCTV was stuck on my door. It was promoting an entertainment event by CCTV Channel 2 sponsored by a well-known Inner Mongolia agriculture corporation, Mengniu Dairy. The advertisement shows a smiling person, thumbs up, encouraging people to participate in this activity to improve one's health. When I looked at the entry requirements there were four conditions I read which made me feel sick. First, the participant must support the CCP; second, he or she must not be a member of any cult; third, the content of the performance must be positive without any political connotation; fourth, during the recording of the programme the person must absolutely obey the arrangements of the producers.

This advertisement clearly shows both the barbaric control of the Chinese people by the unscrupulous Chinese communist regime as well as the regime's extreme distrust of and insecurity about the Chinese people. At the same time we see the immorality of China's big businesses like Mengniu Dairy and their lack of shame. It also shows how the so-called dominant CCTV is just a tool used by the Chinese communist regime to manipulate the thoughts of people. On March 10, 2006, written in my Beijing home surrounded by secret police.