The Three Oddest Ways To Find Inspiration

January 20, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Unless you’re creative (and even then) inspiration can sometimes seem like a shooting star; seldom and you should probably try to catch it before it fades away. Doing the same thing day in and out can quickly get boring and getting inspired about your business can feel like a hide-and-seek game. But today, let’s all try to light that fire once again. Below are the five oddest places to find inspiration!

Spend More Time In The bathroom. Whether it be on the toilet, under the shower or in the bath, the bathroom is one of the best places to get inspired. And, as neuroscientist Alice Flaherty explains, typical events that make us feel good and relaxe us increase our flow or dopamine. This, combined with the silence and refuge a bathroom provides, leads to many people have their best ideas in the bathroom. So give it a try! Draw yourself a bath, light a candle and give yourself some peace and quiet to reflect.

Reading Something You Hate. Every time you read something you agree with – especially anything opinion related such as politic s- you are training your brain to think a certain way. Technically you are sending neurotransmitters that design a path within your brain to map out your thinking. You are effectively telling your brain: see the world through this lense only. Instead recommends futurists Edie Weiner, subscribe to 2-3 magazines that are the polar opposite of what you would normally read. If you are into the arts subscribe yourself to the Economist, if you enjoy sports read a magazine about ballet and if you are a Republican then order the Village Voice. Read from these subscriptions monthly in order to start paving new roads in your mind (literally) and watch as ideas start to bubble!

Playing Tic Tac Toe. There has been a multitude of research done finding gamification one of the leading ways to not only solve problems but also generate new ideas! In schools that have used Mindcraft, a computer game, to teach quantum physics, as Fast Company puts it, “Companies across virtually every industry are benefiting from gamification techniques. From technology to financial services to education, businesses can apply game mechanics across their existing user experiences to increase key user-driven objectives.” Solution? Turn off your email, your phone and whatever other distraction you have going on and take 30 minutes to play a game. You just might win it big…

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