The Sims 4 Release Date: Trailer Talks ‘Pancakes, Pancakes and Pancakes’

A new video from The Sims 4, slated for release in a few weeks, shows the first 10 minutes of gameplay.

The video from PC Gamer shows the game’s new features and some of the improvements on the last game.

EA also recently released a trailer this week showing “pancakes, pancakes and pancakes” and shows the “most least interesting Sim in the world in our official trailer.”

The will be released Sept. 2.

When it comes out, the game will have mod support on the PC.

“Everything the community makes is astounding to us, super inspiring, and it is interesting to see what people come up with,” the game’s developers stated, IGN reported. “Please continue doing it, as we want to be able to encourage and foster that creativity because it’s so important to what The Sims means to everyone.”

The developers also talked about why they included some things but omitted other ideas.

“We cannot officially support and screen everything that comes out, so it is very important to us that we set up a good foundation that can help the community manage what they’re creating, and communicate to other people how to responsibly get involved in the modding and creating community,” EA said.