The Quest 2014: ABC TV Show Trailer, Contestants Info, Preview, Premiere Date

The Quest on ABC is set to premiere this week, on Thursday.

The new show will kick off at 8 p.m. EDT and run for one hour.

The show involves 12 people being beckoned to try to save a besieged kingdom.

“A genre-bending new reality series unlike anything else on television, The Quest, combines harrowing and intense competition challenges, narrative storytelling and cutting edge special effects and prosthetics to conjure an immersive fantasy environment. 12 real people, pulled from their everyday lives, are transported to a fantasy world where they are declared Paladins, defenders of a noble cause,” according to the network’s description.

“The Paladins must compete to save the besieged kingdom of Everealm but only one will prevail and earn the right to be called the One True Hero.”

The show comes from producers behind hits such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Amazing Race, and includes mythology, animatronic creatures, and real-time 3D projection mapping. It was filmed in Austria.

Here are the contestants:

Shondo Blades (30, MMA Fighter from Houston, TX)
Lina Carollo (27, School Counselor from Delran, NJ)
Jim Curry (22, Student from Little Rock, AR)
Andrew Frazer (25, Personal Trainer from West Hartford, CT)
Bonnie Gordon (28, Property Manager from Lafayette, LA)
Ashley Guerrero (35, Horse Trainer from Murrieta, CA)






Patrick Higgins (41, High School Math Teacher from Joliet, IL)
Jasmine Kyle (31, Mother and Homemaker from Media, PA)
Adria Kyne (41, Marketing Director from Nashua, NH)
Leticia Reyes (36, Executive Assistant from White Plains, NY)
Katherine “Katie” Smaluk (26, Bartender from Chicago, IL)
Christian Sochor (23, Server from New York, NY)

Gordon told The Times-Picayune that “it’s the most real reality show out there.”

“When they say, ‘You’re going to be living in a fantasy world,’ you’re like, ‘OK, maybe it’s a cheap castle or something.’ You think it’s got to be hokey, or you think it’s got to be like Medieval Times, the dinner show that you go to and there’s jousting.

“It’s not. There’s no, ‘Reset. Let’s do it again. Let’s start over.’ They completely surrounded us with these experiences. We had no idea what was coming next. It was unbelievable.

“There was no AC. There was no heat. Our beds were 200 years old. We had no coffee.”

“I think the beauty of the show is they got people who were really big into LARPing [Live Action Role Playing] who really wanted to immerse themselves in this world,” Gordon said. “If you see an ogre hiding in the woods, I think most people would either think it’s ridiculous and start laughing, or they would just be confused. But because we were so into believing in this world, we completely went with it.

“If there was just one of us who was like, ‘Oh, this is stupid, this isn’t real,’ that would’ve ruined it for all of us. All 12 of us were so into it, there was never a moment of this that was not real, if that makes sense.”

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