The Purge 3? Movie Will Likely be Made Due to Box Office Success; Latest Plot Details and Projected Release Date

The Purge 3 isn’t official yet but will likely happen because of the box office success of The Purge: Anarchy.

The sequel to The Purge drew in almost $70 million domestically, and hit $96 million worldwide.

That’s on a production budget of just $9 million.

Anarchy’s box office total comes after The Purge brought in over $64 million domestically and $89 million worldwide–on a production budget of just $3 million.

CEO and Founder of Blumhouse Production Jason Blum told Cosmic Book News that he’d like the third film to go back to the roots of the story and show the first purge.

“We have a lot of ideas for the third movie,” he said.

“I would like to tell a story about the Revolutionaries. I would like to tell the story about the first purge. Purge 1 was after five years, Purge 2 after six years; so it would be fun to see the first time it happened. There are a lot of places we could go with it, and I hope we get the chance to do it.”

And the main character in the third film may be Carmello (Michael K. Williams).

“Hopefully, that’s been the rumor mill, that there’s going to be a 3 and that Carmello is going to be at the helm. I think that’s a possibility, we’ll just have to wait and see,” Williams told We Got This Covered.

James DeMonaco, the director, added: 

“That’s the seed that was purposefully planted … I don’t know if we’ll be lucky enough to do it, but I purposefully planted him in there, and I made sure I got Michael K. Williams who I love … all very purposeful.”

If there is a Purge 3 it will likely hit theaters next summer.


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