The Privatization of Election Funding: Amistad Project Director

December 5, 2020 Updated: December 5, 2020

In March, a former Obama campaign manager, David Plouffe, published a book called “The Citizens Guide to Beating Donald Trump.” The book said the 2020 election will come down to a fight in the cities of Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Detroit.

During this time, Plouffe was working for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife.

Six months later in September, Zuckerberg donated 400 million dollars to an organization called The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) to help with local elections.

Amistad Project Director Phillip Kline obtained a court order from the Middle District of Pennsylvania to view Philadelphia’s communications with CTCL.

“Those communications show that CTCL dictated the way the election would be run in Philadelphia, how many polling places they would have,  they paid the election officials, they paid the satellite election officials, they paid the judges, they brought in these drop boxes,” said Kline.

Kline says CTCL is responsible for the consolidation of counting centers.

“You have a flow of private funds through a charity into the Maricopa county election center, kind of dictating how they’re going to manage the elections.”

He says that evidence of the partisan control can be seen in how drop boxes were placed in Democrat neighborhoods versus Republican.

“Delaware County, Pennsylvania, there’s one of these drop boxes for every four square miles, two miles by two miles square. That’s a dropbox within walking distance of your home in Democratic stronghold, Delaware County, in the 59 counties that the President won in 2016. There’s one dropbox for every 1,100 square miles,” said Kline.

He says we effectively have a shadow government because the total federal funding for elections has been matched by Zuckerberg’s funding and that the partisan effect of this funding is a violation of equal protection laws. He says there is a lot of evidence of this in swing states.

From NTD News