The Princesses of Haute Couture

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times

Haute couture. The time of year to purely enjoy the stunning beauty of fashion without unsettling questions about its functionality. Just like its name that stands untranslated in every other language, these Haute Couture collections are statements of fashion’s core elements that inspire one’s soul with originality and perfection.

This year’s Paris Haute Couture Week brought unexpectedly wearable dresses full of artistry for everyday styles. Chanel presented a new twist on wearing shorts under skirts (perfect for cycling, as Garance Dore suggested). And it seems like Dior got inspiration right from space (or at least spacesuits). Many other “creme de la creme designers” showed off at least one leitmotif, reflecting their fashion and brand history. They prove once again that, like princesses in their kingdoms, haute couture collections are made to radiate beauty.

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