The Parenthood Spoilers: What Happens in Season 5 Episode 18? (+Trailer)

March 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Parenthood airs on NBC on Thursday night, with Joel and Julia dealing with the repercussions of their broken marriage–as are their kids.

“Everything was good until you got here,” Sydney tells her mother in tears in one of the teasers for the episode. “It’s all your fault.”

Joel also misunderstands where to pick up Victor from baseball, leading to old feelings of abandonment.

Hank and Sarah are also facing problems, with Sarah telling him she wants to be friends and nothing more.

“It’s hard,” he tells Sarah. “I can’t be here for you anymore.”

Sarah is also waiting for a response from the ad agency for her final project.

Camille and Zeek, meanwhile, will get an exceptional offer on their house, while Amber tries to talk Drew into taking his life back and Max goes on a class trip.


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