The ongoing cannabis discussion

December 2, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Cannabis remains a controversial subject

This is a subject that has been discussed many times and looks like it will be many times more. There are thousands of advocates for the legalized use of cannabis and there are just as many that maintain that cannabis is a potentially dangerous and even destructive substance that is not only addictive but is often only a stepping stone to more hard core drugs. However a new bill will now be signed to allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients. Apparently there seems to be many of these war veterans who are getting relief out of the smoking of marijuana and who regularly get themselves into trouble in order to acquire these products. These are men who have given their lives in the service of this country and therefore the reasoning is, why should they have to resort to criminal activities in order to obtain this drug?

What is the truth about cannabis?

Uruguay seems to fight their own war against cannabis and steps have been taken to legalize the substance in that country. However the new laws do not allow the selling of this product to foreigners. The new law which has been instated will allow the citizens of this country to plant cannabis and to use it for personal consumption. The excuse which was offered to concerned parties globally was that the country has been fighting an ongoing war against the use of cannabis and that the leadership has come to a conclusion that a new approach are necessary to this problem. Whether this drastic approach would be proven to be correct over the long term remains to be seen. There are many people who feel that the legalization of cannabis would only make it so much easier for smugglers to get away with their illegal activities.

Does research confirm the medical advantages of cannabis?

After many decades of intensive research there are still tremendous amounts of contradictory evidence which are given in regard to the medical advantages of cannabis. There are many medical researchers who strongly advocate the use of cannabis and there are also those who are absolutely opposed to its use in whatever application whatsoever. Only recently it was reported in the news that a drug factory was uncovered where cannabis was stored and it was located right next to a police station. That is rather audacious and it just goes to show how bold smugglers have become in this country and how far they will go to practice their smuggling activities. This still leaves us with the question whether cannabis truly has qualities that justify its use as a medical substance. In other words how effective are cannabis in alleviating pain and other bodily discomforts.

Pros and cons of cannabis use

There does seem to be evidence that the use of cannabis can really relief pain and it can also help with vomiting. However other medical researchers feel that there are safer drugs which have been proven in medical research facilities which are producing a significantly smaller threat to the physical health of a person than cannabis. Although there has been a move in recent times to legalize cannabis and the planting of cannabis seeds, one has to remember that until recently cannabis was a schedule one controlled substance and there were very good reasons why it was carrying that classification and many of those reasons are very valid. Just like other forms of smoking medical science has proven emphatically that the smoking of any tobacco related products are unhealthy for personal use and can cause a whole range of physical health problems including illness of the heart, lungs and arteries. At the end of the day it will depend on the amount of personal research which had been done which will allow people to make better informed decisions about the use of cannabis.