The One Simple iPhone App Your Home Needs

By Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
January 11, 2016 Updated: January 11, 2016

Are you looking to move to a new place? Do you want to redecorate your apartment? Plan on selling your parents’ house? Are you looking to transform that new investment into an Airbnb location? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should know there’s one simple iPhone to get you started with such home-related plans – pun intended.

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What RoomScan Pro does is to help you create floor plans of every room of the house, and then combine them into a handy home plan. And RoomScan has a very smart way of figuring out a room’s plan. What you need to do is simply install the app on the iPhone, and then hold it against the walls of your home until you hear a beep. With every beep, you’ll have to move the phone until the app is ready to smartly draw the plan of the room.

The floor plan appears in a few seconds, giving you approximate wall lengths and floor area. Measurements are estimated to the nearest 10cm or half a foot, but you can further improve that with the help of a laser measure. RoomScan then lets you even add doors, by simply touching the door frames as you walk around the room.

The app costs $4.99, but the investment is more than worth it, especially if you need to come up with plans for apartments and houses on a regular basis. Check out the following video to see RoomScan in action.

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Chris Smith