The NFL’s Top Ten Free Agents and Where They’re Headed

February 18, 2015 Updated: February 18, 2015

NFL free agency is just a few weeks away (March 10). If your team is in need of some talent—like the Jets annually—then this is an exciting time. If you’re team is talented, but too close to the salary cap limits to keep your stars—like the Cowboys—it’s a stressful time. Or if your team annually overpays for free agents, is constantly in salary-cap purgatory, yet keeps making the same costly mistakes every offseason —like the Redskins—it’s time to hope RG III regains his form, again.

But no matter who you are, be it player, coach, team or spectator, it’s still pretty entertaining.

Here are the best free agents that will be available next month, barring any of them being designated franchise players before March 2:

  1. Ndamukong Suh, DT Detroit Lions—Suh is the most dominant DT in the game today and completely changes opponents’ game plans. Everyone wants him! Where he’s likely heading: Lions, Raiders, Jets, Seattle or really any team with cap space.

  2. Dez Bryant, WR Dallas Cowboys—Bryant will likely be franchised or signed outright, but in the event Dallas lets him test the waters, he’ll be the top wide receiver free agent available. Where he’s likely heading: back to Dallas.

  3. Justin Houston, LB Kansas City Chiefs—The three-time Pro Bowler Houston had an NFL-best 22 sacks last season, his fourth in the NFL. Where he’s likely heading: back to Kansas City.

  4. Julius Thomas, TE Denver Broncos—Thomas was slowed by a sprained ankle in the second half of the 2014 season, but still caught 12 TD passes for the second straight year. Where he’s likely headed: Raiders, Packers, or Jaguars.

  5. Randall Cobb, WR Green Bay Packers—Cobb got his first Pro Bowl nod this past season after recording career-highs in catches (91) and receiving yards (1,287). Where he’s likely heading: Jets, Raiders, or back to Green Bay.

  6. Demayrius Thomas, WR Denver Broncos—Thomas’ numbers have taken off with the arrival of Peyton Manning, averaging more than 1,000 yards receiving more per season with the future Hall-of-Famer than without him. Where he’s likely heading: Back to Denver.

  7. DeMarco Murray, RB Dallas Cowboys—Murray, a two-time Pro-Bowler, coming off a season where he rushed for 1,845 yards should be a hot commodity. Where he’s likely heading: Colts, Raiders, Jaguars, or back to Dallas.

  8. Jeremy Maclin, WR Philadelphia Eagles—Maclin stepped in where DeSean Jackson left off last year, going for 1,318 receiving yards. Where he’s likely heading: Panthers, Jaguars, Jets or back to Philadelphia.

  9. Devin McCourty, DB New England Patriots—McCourty, a former Pro Bowl selection and five-year starter for the Patriots, has 17 interceptions in his five-year career. Where he’s likely headed: Titans (where his brother plays) or back to New England.

  10. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE New York Giants—Pierre-Paul’s stock was never higher than after the 2011 season when he recorded 16.5 sacks for the Super Bowl-winning Giants. Still he’s a coveted pass-rusher. Where he’s likely headed: Back to New York.