The Mistaken Claim That Truth Media and the Epoch Times Are Related

August 6, 2020 Updated: August 9, 2020

NBC News has published a false report about The Epoch Times based upon a misleading report by social network analysis firm Graphika.

NBC claims that Facebook “removed hundreds of fake accounts linked to … The Epoch Times.” In fact, these accounts were run by a media outlet called Truth Media.

The Epoch Times and Epoch Media Group are in no way linked to or related to Truth Media, nor do we have any involvement in any operation of Truth Media.

Facebook’s claim of a link, as cited by Graphika, is based on the assertion that “Truth Media assets regularly cross-promoted content from the Epoch Times and shared a number of its ideological positions, notably opposition to the CCP and support for the Falun Gong movement.”

Anyone is free to share our content on social media, and we have no involvement in this.

There are many people opposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and supporting Falun Gong. That does not mean they have any relationship with each other.

Besides incorrectly linking The Epoch Times to Truth Media, NBC also failed to reach out to The Epoch Times for comment before publishing.

NBC also repeated incorrect information from previous reports linking The BL, against which Facebook took action, and The Epoch Times. In fact, The Epoch Times has previously clarified that it has no relation to The BL.