The Merry Dwarf Couple

March 2, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: March 2, 2006 12:00 am

Forty-eight-year-old Jin Yueguang, who is 1.16 meters (about 3' 9″) tall and weighs 56 kilograms (around 123 lbs.), makes a joke about his marriage, “What is there to not be happy about if I'm married to Imperial Mistress Yang? [1]” Jin Yueguang has been married for ten years to Yang Yuhuan, 42, who is also called Mistress Yang; she is only 60-centimeters (just under two feet) tall and weighs 14 kilograms (about 30 lbs.). Their happy marriage has made other “normal” couples around them envious.

According to, Yang Yuhuan agreed to marry Jin Yueguang because she was moved by his filial piety. Jin remained single until he was 38-years old in 1996 because his parents were perpetually sick. In addition, the family was poor and lacked a stable income.

While walking in the fields during their first date, Jin Yueguang said to Yang Yuhuan, “My parents and my uncle are all disabled, and I have to take care of them. If you are willing to share this task with me, we can marry. Otherwise, let's just forget it.”

The Affectionate Couple

The couple's means of commuting is a three-wheeled motorcycle. Since Yuhuan is too short to climb onto the motorcycle, Yueguang always lifts her into the seat.

Yuhuan is weak, and physical labor difficult for her; even carrying a cooking pot full of water is troublesome. Therefore, Yueguang and Yuhuan have to cooperate when making their meals: Yuhuan cuts the vegetables and Yueguang holds the pan.

They take care of each other when either one feels ill. Every day, Yuhuan prepares medicine to ease the pain in Yueguang's waist due to laborious work. In turn, if Yuhuan catches a cold, Yueguang will also take very good care of her.

Hard Work Results in Life Improvement

Yueguang does not have much education and had only three years of elementary school. At an early age, he would go from street to street, from dawn to sunset, searching through trash for things of value. After doing this for many years and visiting the same places, he became very well known and everybody recognized him as the “small guy” struggling to make a living. People willingly kept cardboard and old newspaper to give to him. Despite their efforts to help, Yueguang's life was still difficult.

Later, Yueguang made a trolley on which he could carry and sell small groceries like needles, threads, and candies. People liked to buy from him and his business gradually grew. Now, he owns a store in Yingbing Market in Gu'an County and sells goods like cassette players, recorders, and lighters. His economic situation is improving.

Filial Piety

The report says that the couple has to take care of three elderly persons, including a mentally disabled father, 1.15 meter (about 3' 9″) tall mother whose legs are paralyzed, and an uncle who lost four fingers on his right hand. The couple does not feel taking care them is troublesome. When they have some good food, they always give it to the elderly persons first.

Note [1]: Imperial Mistress Yang (719-756, Tang Dynasty), born in Puzhou, was also named Yang Yuhuan. She was very skilled in music, singing, and dancing. She was one the four most beautiful women in Chinese history together with Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun and Diao Chan. After she was selected to serve the emperor of Tang Xuanzhong in 745, she was granted the title of highest-ranking imperial concubine.