The Mentalist Season 6: Recap of Episode 11, Which Aired on Jan 5 [Spoilers]

January 5, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Mentalist season 6 returned to television with episode 11 on Sunday evening, after a mid-season break. There are spoilers in the recap ahead.

Patrick Jane is newly relocated to Austin, Texas.

The FBI is assigned to a case, to find the killer of several DEA agents.

Jane grows close to a woman named Crystal, who has some sort of connection to the case, and asks her out.

As they grow closer, she lets her guard down, and runs to the police with information in connection to a case the FBI is working on.

In a review, one blogger wrote:

“The only unfortunate thing is that there wasn’t any Jane / Lisbon moment at the end of this to tie it all together in some sort of substantial way. That would have been the real way to make this satisfying, since it would have provided the hope that shippers have been hoping for there. Without that little moment, this was the sort of standalone episode that was pure fluff, and only really entertaining for showing once again that Jane is not crazy when it comes to the women he chooses to really get close to.”

Patrick Jane recently moved to the Austin after killing Red John in Sacramento.

The show aired at 9 p.m. on CBS.

The previous episode aired on December 8.




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