The Latest and Greatest in Cartoning and Packaging Technology

Cartoning equipment is a sure-fire way to boost your business – automating the packaging of your products means you can direct time and resources to growing more capital. You might be in the food industry. Or the pharmaceutical niche. Or perhaps your focus is on cosmetics or toiletry. Whatever it is, it’s quite possible that your business will boom with a high-quality cartoning machine.

And cartoning machines have managed to keep pace with the technological revolution happening all around us, as evidenced by companies like Econocorp. Interpack 2014 – an exhibit of various cartoning and packaging technologies – has resoundingly proven the truth of the above claim. Here’s a quick glimpse at the innovative cartoning and packaging technology we saw at Interpack:

  • Recloseability technology. Your customer unpacks a product. But accidents happen, and maybe it’s the wrong product. Oops. But for your customer to send the product back, he or she will need to reclose the package. Interpack featured some neat recloseability technology that used special sealable liquids. Consumers simply have to press-to-seal, and they’re all set.

  • Snap-to-open packaging is great stuff. We’ve all been through the battle of trying to open an untamable package. Eventually, scissors must be brought to the battlefield, and sometimes the product is damaged. Either way, it’s a messy situation. The fix: snap-to-open packaging. This kind of packaging is uniquely (and cleverly) designed to be opened with a simple snap. It can be done with just one hand, too – so if you’re other hand is holding something else, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

  • Who else wants a non-aluminum can? Aluminum cans – they’re the stable of every well-equipped kitchen and cupboard. But technology marches on, and aluminum cans could be on the way out, thanks to an innovative plastic can that was displayed at Interpack 2014. This plastic can provides all the protection and tight seal that aluminum cans do, but it’s got added perks: firstly, the plastic cans are transparent, allowing the products to be easily seen; secondly, the plastic has been specially crafted to extend shelf life. The neat part? The tops of these plastic bands are identical to those of everyday aluminum cans, so the exact same kitchenware can be used to open them.

  • Environmentally-friendly foam packaging. It’s lighter. It’s more moldable. It’s high-tech packaging foam. With tiny cells sizes – up to 2 times smaller than cell sizes in normal foam packaging – this new, innovative foam has a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Since it’s 30% lighter than the average foam packaging material, this new foam can significantly cut down transportation costs.

This is just a brief rundown of the different cartoning and packaging technologies presented at Interpack, but hopefully they demonstrate just how “techy” and cutting-edge this field is. Keeping your finger on the pulse of recent trends in cartoning and packaging might let you spot an opportunity for growth and improvement in your own business. After all, staying ahead of the competition is about adopting effective innovation at the right time.