The Interview Film You Haven’t Heard Of, But Should

February 4, 2015 Updated: December 31, 2015

There’s a recent film produced stateside by an American director that has angered a communist nation to the nth degree across the seas.

It underscores all the reasons to have freedom of speech, freedom of press, and is at the core of all the discussions you have heard across the web and social media.

It is a part of the reason why many emails and computers, here in the United States have been hacked and why corporations have been pressured to distance themselves from the subject matter.

The interesting thing is, you actually might not know the name of the film.

“Free China: The Courage to Believe” is a documentary film about Chinese-American Charles Lee and a biochemist from Peking University Jennifer Zeng who endured torture and imprisonment by the Chinese Communist Regime.

Why were they tortured and imprisoned?

Well, while it might sound surprising, these two individuals were tortured, imprisoned, and almost killed simply for their beliefs.

This is the plight of the Falun Gong. Three simple words—truth, compassion, and tolerance—is what they stand for, what they try to adhere to, but inside China it is illegal to practice this belief and meditation.

If you walk through the conceivable reasons why, it doesn’t make any logical sense, but genocide never makes any logical sense, nor should it.

“Free China” has won over a dozen international film awards and has been screened over 1,000 times all across the world. Now the film is available for digital rental and purchase, through Yekra (visit to rent or buy the film).

Film director, Michael Perlman, and producer, Kean Wong, teamed up after meeting, and quickly set on a course for telling this much needed tale of courage. They both firmly believe that if the Chinese regime opens to Falun Gong, it will have great positive impact on Chinese society.

“I think that is why the Falun Gong issue is so critical, because if truth, compassion, tolerance and other beautiful spiritual practices out there are allowed to spread, then the morality of the entire nation can revive itself,” said Wong.

“If individuals and families are given the freedom to live a moral life so that the society they are a part of is one that embraces and cherishes moral values, that is what China needs,” he added.

Perlman says he directed the film with the hope that it could bring about change in China, and actually strengthen a nation.

“History is on the side of freedom around the world,” said Perlman.

“And it’s something that all of us together, both in the United States, and around the world, individually and collectively, can work and make it happen.”

If you have ever wondered what Falun Gong is, if you have ever wondered why peaceful smiling Chinese with yellow t-shirts hold up signs to garner attention, if you have ever wondered why people are willing to stake their lives for their belief, then watch this film.

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