The Increase in CCP Withdrawals Approaches Critical Mass

November 3, 2006 Updated: November 3, 2006

Mr. Jia Jia has just escaped from Hong Kong to Thailand, waiting for the international community to offer asylum in a democratic country. What is very clear is if he were sent back to China, he would face persecution, torture and very likely his death.

Dr. Gao Dawei, coordinator of the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party, provided President Bush a document of cases in which 91 people was persecuted for spreading the news of the Nine Commentaries and the party withdrawal, it is known that two have died as of now. The persecution cases have come from at least ten provinces, municipalities (directly under the jurisdiction of the Central Government,) including Mr. Jia's hometown Taiyuan city in Shanxi province.

There are many overseas politicians who still believe that doing business with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is an important measure to promoting democracy in China. Let us not discuss whether this approach has been effective or not. The important point is that the politicians admit pushing for democracy is beneficial for China and the rest of the world. So now is the right time for these politicians to stand up and declare their positions by openly promoting democracy in China.

The CCP is a criminal organization that has committed innumerable crimes, not only is it impossible for it to change it nature, it will never abandon its power voluntarily. The best way to end this travesty is to help people's power become stronger in China. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and “quitting the CCP Campaign” are the most peaceful transformation of power that could “break the enemy's resistance without fighting.”

Mr. Jia said: “I think 95 per cent of the CCP members wish to withdraw from the party… To put it more accurately and scientifically, the real essence of the CCP is the CCP central committee.” “That is why I want to tell you that I believe the number provided by the Quitting the CCP Service Center—14 million people, is real and trustworthy. In reality, [I believe] it is far less than the real number,” Jia said.

To the Western world, it seemed like the Berlin wall fell overnight. In reality many democratic groups had been working for years to end communism. Let's not make the same mistake twice. The Chinese people need our help now.

This is the real situation of the Mainland popular sentiment. Jia is risking his life by speaking out like this to tell all governments of the world about the real situation of the CCP is heading to its end. The tide of party withdrawals in China is more and more approaching the critical point of turning into a mass public withdrawal. The Chinese public is ready to abandon the CCP and to march toward freedom at any time.

Now, no one should stick their heads in the sand and ignore this foreseeable historical major occurrence. We should offer the appropriate support as soon as possible. To the Western world, it seemed like the Berlin wall fell overnight. In reality many democratic groups had been working for years to end communism. Let's not make the same mistake twice. The Chinese people need our help now.

International assistance and support for Jia would greatly speed up the party withdrawals into the next stage of openly denouncing the CCP, and once it comes to that stage, the CCP's disintegration will be just around the corner.

Whether setting aside world security, China's future, or the fundamental humanitarianism, the rescue of Jia is a moral obligation of the international society.

Jia's defection is the same as the former China Eastern Airlines captain Mr. Yuan Sheng's seeking political asylum. From another view point, it has reflected a major defeat of the CCP's strategy; this strategy is “bribery.”

Since the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989, the CCP has spent enormous amounts of money to bribe a large group of Chinese people and in the hope that they would support the CCP's rule of China for the sake of being able to maintain their vested interest. In addition to the filthy rich class from the CCP's collusion with the business sector, and the CCP's various level officials and their families; there are also some intellectuals and people engaged in special professions now who have become the so-called “middle class.” They own titles, eminent positions and superior standards of living that many people envy.

Yuan Sheng and Jia Jia are both among these people. Captain Yuan's annual income is nearly 400,000 yuan RMB (about US$50,000,) Mr Jia is an provincial department head level official, and his income would not be small. Although these people's lives have improved along with the reform and opening policy, but they are still unable to tolerate the CCP's overwhelming crimes and have chosen to say goodbye to the CCP.

“Birds of a feather flock together; like attracts like.” Mr. Jia contacted many people who have similar experiences or similar social standings. The Mainland people's attitude toward the CCP that he proclaimed has provided a certain degree of representation, and has manifested that this level of people are also saying goodbye to the CCP in large numbers. Within all levels of Chinese social classes, from appellants, ordinary people, the “middle class,” to the CCP's high-ranking officials, the Nine Commentaries are spreading across the country, and the “withdrawal from the party, league and team” is also being carried on all over the country.

Jia's peaceful uprising has put him in great danger, therefore, not only we must lend our voice in aid of his great act for the goodness of the public, we should also make all efforts to tell his story to various governments so that he could get a visa to a free country within five days. The assistance to Jia, will also be a great encouragement to the Mainland people who withdrew from the CCP, and speed up the steps of the peaceful transformation in China.