The Hobbit 3: ‘Battle for the Five Armies’ Trailer; Speculation on Gandalf’s Horse

“The Hobbit 3: Battle for Five Armies” trailer is slated to be released soon, and there’s been a few leaks on what it might entail., citing an inside source, that the trailer for “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies contains just four spoken phrases.”

“If true, here are two possibilities: the trailer is more of a teaser length, or it’s going to be more epic, and more serious than anyone has previously considered,” the website says.

There’s been no indicator as to when the Peter Jackson-directed film will be released.

The website also noted that the horse being used by Gandalf is being sold, and it noted from the ad that Gandalf ” will ride through the Desolation of Smaug to the aid of Thorin & Co. And he seems to be doing so alone — no White Council in tow. And he might even fight from horseback during the Battle of the Five Armies.”

There’s been a few tidbits released for the upcoming film.

Saruman will be featured quite a bit in the movie. “There’s a lot of me in it. A lot,” Christopher Lee told fans last year.

“There’s a tremendous amount of fighting, sword play, understanding, sympathy, kindness towards Galadriel, towards Gandalf. I’m not saying anymore because that would give the story away. But it’s the third film in which I have the most to do.”

Bilbo will also return to Bag End at the end of the movie.

“Returning to Hobbiton is a little more melancholy, of course. The quest is done, friends have died and Bilbo’s exhausted, not to mention a bit shell-shocked,” said a report from Aint It Cool. “And he finally gets home to find all his [expletive]’s on the lawn! How’s that for a welcome back? Having been gone for 13 months Bilbo was presumed dead and there’s an auction for his possessions, which the Sackville-Bagginses are very happy about.”