The Good Wife Season 5 Spoilers: Will Dead After Client Shoots Him, Fans Shocked

March 23, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Fans of The Good Wife were left in shock on Sunday night when Will died.

He was gunned down by an unhinged client, Jeffrey Grant, in the middle of the courtroom. He was rushed to a hospital but he was pronounced dead there.

Josh Charles, an original cast member and basically the male lead of the show, told TVLine that leaving the show was his choice.

Fans were not happy with the sudden twist, taking to Twitter to express sorrow and shock.

“Will Gardner is dead…and so is this show Had some great moments. #TheGoodWife,” said one. 

“I can’t believe Will is dead!! Please say it isn’t so!!!!!!” said another.

“Why do the good die young! I had big hopes for him! Why did the show kill him?! #TheGoodWife” said yet another.

“The more I think about the ending of #TheGoodWife, the less sense it makes. And it made no sense to begin with,” said another.

Others were pleased with the drama.

“It was very smart (and nice on reflection) to let Alicia & Will settle their peace before the #GameChanger. Still in shock tho! #TheGoodWife” said one user. 

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