The Good King

January 3, 2021 Updated: January 3, 2021

And so, in the last days of this cycle of darkness, the Good King removed his armies’ high command, who were not loyal to him, and he replaced them with those who were honorable and who were perfectly placed to stand with him to save the kingdom and its shining city on the hill.

And then he bid his sages and scribes to address the High Council and thus lay bare for all to see the treason, sorcery, and deceit that the princes of darkness had worked against the kingdom.

He asked his people to pray, and he told them to take heart, for God would not abandon them and let the kingdom, and thus the world, fall into darkness and slavery. He beseeched them to give thanks in advance as they visualized in their hearts that all would be well and that the evil spell under which many people had fallen would be shattered by the sword of truth.

For he knew in his heart that he was not fighting against humans. He was fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world.

And so the Good King and his people went into their quiet places to pray, and they were called by God’s name, and they humbled themselves and sought His face.

And as it was foretold, on the solstice of that very winter, even the heavens aligned with the Good King’s warriors of Light and with his sages and scribes of the High Council and with his people. For there shone a great light from two worlds that seemed to collide as they converged in the night sky.

And so it came to pass in perfect timing that the princes of darkness and their legions were soundly defeated and exposed and that justice was swift and severe in universal righteousness.

The Good King rallied all the people unto him, and the land was reunited in love and light, and there was a great awakening with cries and tears of joy and rejoicing from sea to shining sea within the Kingdom and its shining city on the hill.

And even so, did all the world follow, throwing off their chains and turning their faces and hearts away from the fear and lies and spells of the enemy. And they knelt and held their arms up toward the heavens in freedom and in thanksgiving.

Greg Isa Holloway