The Final Solution

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
October 21, 2021 Updated: October 21, 2021

The phrase “pandemic of the unvaccinated” has become widespread. We find it repeated ad nauseam in liberal print, TV, and social media. The unvaccinated among us are now viewed and referenced by many with the same disdain as were Jewish folk in National Socialist Germany.  In fact, the so-called vaccination passports promoted by America’s own Socialist Left have much in common, as far as an identification device, as were the yellow stars of David mandated to be worn on the outer garment by those of Abrahamic lineage living within the Third Reich.

As the Socialist Left in America is also the place where we often find anti-Semitic rhetoric and attacks being bandied about with frequency, I’m left to wonder if the liberals are not purposefully and deliberately conflating the two themes.

It would not surprise me if the Liberal Left adopted a nifty six-word phrase, “This Person Is Not Fully Vaccinated,” to be incorporated into a fabric emblem. Of course, the best way to display the six-word phrase would be to underline every single word, yet endeavor to keep the patch or emblem concise and easy to recognize. For the leftist fashion designer, such could be accomplished by sketching two triangles. On each of the legs or lines of the first triangle, one of the following words would be inscribed: “This Person Is.” Once accomplished, the leftist designer could then add the second triangle placed over the first and offset to create a six-pointed star. On the second triangle the words “Not Fully Vaccinated” would be inscribed individually on every leg or line. Once mass-produced, the unvaccinated American would then be mandated to sew the inverse “passport” onto their outer garment.

With this done, the Socialist Left could then advocate for barracks to be constructed so the unvaccinated can be moved, via rusty railcars, into quarantined communities. The fully vaccinated could then go about living the self-indulgent lifestyle so prevalent in pre-COVID America, comfortable in the knowledge that a “final solution” toward addressing the unvaccinated “problem” was well in hand.


Patrick W. McElhoes