The Experience Economy: What Experience Would You Give Your Fans?

January 13, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

The experience era is here to stay. Record numbers of experiential marketing stunts from Aldo to Ben & Jerry’s to TNT (examples of  campaigns below) have been produced around the world with staggering success. People no longer just want product and service –they want experiences!

 So how does this apply to your business? At Popcorn Productions I am constantly helping business owners create visual representation of their brands. Just because you don’t have a million dollar marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t interact with your customers or target market through more engaging environments.

 The idea behind experiential marketing is to get customers to feel what your brand. So before you start thinking of elaborate marketing schemes instead think small. What is your brand about? If it was a person what would it look like? Sound like? Wear? The idea is to see your brand as a living and breathing organism. This will bring you one step closer to knowing the kind of experience you are looking to create.

 Now, as much as we all love floating Ice Tea vending machines and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream trucks (see below), we all can’t afford these types of marketing stunts. The wonderful thing about an experience, however, is that it is free. So instead of thinking of the most costly ways to deliver your brand message think of the simplest.

 Take the company MooseJaw for example. Their brand is all about being relaxed, fun and humorous. Their slogan is “enjoy the madness” but do they run crazy mudslide marathons to promote their brand? Of course not. They email jokes and funny stories to their clients and their packages are sealed with a  moose kiss wearing red lipstick  and is marked SWAK. Now which company do you rather order from? A regular shoe store or from a company that will make you laugh and feel good about your purchase? That’s what I thought.

 Brainstorm ways in which you can integrate some of these experiential marketing tactics into your business. You will not only create more loyalty with your customers but also increase awareness around your business. 

TNT Experiential Marketing Campaign:

Aldo Experiential marketing Campaign:

Lipton Ice Tea Experiential Marketing Campaign: