The Epoch Times to Publish 'Dissolving the Party Culture'

September 10, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: September 10, 2006 12:00 am

Dissolving the Party Culture: a New Editorial Series Translated from the original Chinese.

The history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is one of lies and violence. The CCP lies in two modes: The CCP covers up and distorts facts and it instills in people evil standards of judgment and distorted ways of reasoning. The CCP's lies are backed, on the one hand, by violence, enabled by the state power that the CCP has usurped, and, on the other hand, by all the social resources the CCP has monopolized. Thus, people are forced to be immersed in the CCP's way of reasoning from the very beginning of life, even before the first words are uttered or brains record the first memories.

Over time, not only do people have no way of knowing the truth, they have also adopted the CCP's standards for discerning right from wrong, followed the CCP's mode of reasoning to explain the Party's actions, used CCP-stipulated behavior to express their opinions, and even criticized the CCP using the CCP's own language. Thus, this so-called Party Culture has penetrated into every particle of society, and people are not aware how deeply engrossed they are in it.

The environment formed by the Party Culture enables the CCP to continue to exist and do evil. Under the Party Culture, people's hearts, minds and behavior have all been significantly degraded, and many aspects of human life in society, family, education, work and interpersonal relations have deviated from the normal human state. This directly impairs all facets of people's lives.

One important feature of culture is its inheritability. An evil culture cannot foster a healthy society or a benevolent political system, nor can it lead to a great nation. Thus, it becomes imperative for us to dissolve the Party Culture. Otherwise, its poison will continue to harm the Chinese people.

The Party Culture carries with it some features of a complicated ecosystem, such as its accommodation of variations, self-adjustment and self-propagation. The extinction of one or more species may often not lead to the collapse of an entire ecosystem. Some seemingly simple concepts, the language, and behavioral patterns of the Party Culture have all been supported by various lies, faulty logic, and false standards of right and wrong. These elements have been combined to support, and be supported by, the Party Culture system. As soon as some elements are exposed, other elements will automatically come in to supplement it so as to sustain the survival of the Party Culture system. To dissolve the Party Culture completely, therefore, requires systematic articulation, analysis, and reflection on it.

The Epoch Times Editorial Board will assume such a task. We will analyze the history, cause, expression, and harm done by the Party Culture, while discussing aspects of the authentic Chinese culture. These analyses will be published in a special editorial series entitled Dissolving the Party Culture. We hope through the re-establishment of morality and culture, the Chinese nation, after 85 years of abuse by the CCP, will smoothly move into a new epoch of prosperity and freedom.

The Epoch Times Editorial Board
September 9, 2006