The Epoch Times Is the Place That I Go When I’m Ready for a Genuine Knowledge

The Reader's Turn The Reader's Turn
April 20, 2020Updated: July 10, 2020

The Epoch Times has got my vote for the leading source of legitimate news.

I can imagine that when liberals read it they feel a particular type of blues.

The days of being lied to have been exhausting to say the least.

If you disagree with the left? All of a sudden you’ve been wrapped in sheets.

I love the Epoch Times. They’re the only ones who have completely held true.

Every news outlet is lying? Well. They’ve never lied to you.

They hold journalistic standards. A distant memory in modern times.

Their reporting factual events while everyone else is making up crimes.

They give us the truth. Come on. These days that’s worthy of praise.

Their reporters genuinely care and aren’t working for a raise.

The Epoch Times is the place that I go when I’m ready for a genuine knowledge.

All it takes is a short investigation and you’re sure to acknowledge.

I’ve found my source of news after a long time of being lied to.

They’ve got my full support. Investigate and you could follow suit.

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