The Epoch Times Has No Connection to ‘Tierra Pura’

February 16, 2021 Updated: February 16, 2021

EFE News Agency published a report mischaracterizing The Epoch Times, based upon a misleading report by EU DisinfoLab, a Brussels-based NGO, about an Argentina-based blog.

The report makes a connection between the blog, called Tierra Pura, and The Epoch Times, based on the fact that the blog republishes content from The Epoch Times.

The Epoch Times and Epoch Media Group are in no way linked to or related to Tierra Pura, nor do we have any involvement in any operation of Tierra Pura.

Despite our content being protected by copyright laws, some online platforms still copy it without our permission. Epoch Media Group never granted permission to Tierra Pura to copy our content.

The report also suggests that the two companies are related by referring to the social media profiles of some former employees of The Epoch Times or NTD who left our company years ago. These individuals chose to change jobs; the fact that some of our former employees are now involved in Tierra Pura is not evidence of any connection between the two organizations.

EFE reached out to some of these people who are now involved in Tierra Pura, and despite the fact that these individuals said they are no longer connected to Epoch Media Group, EFE insisted there was a connection between the two media.

Besides incorrectly linking The Epoch Times to Tierra Pura, EFE also failed to reach out to The Epoch Times for comment before publishing.

EFE also repeated incorrect information from previous reports linking the website The BL, against which Facebook took action, and The Epoch Times. In fact, The Epoch Times has previously clarified that it has no relation to The BL.

Original Feb. 11, 2021, statement in Spanish: click here.