The Difference Between Success and Legacy

September 4, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Since your first day as a business owner or entrepreneur, success is that elusive carrot that seems to always elude you. There’s always a new financial goal to break, a shiny gadget to buy or a paradise vacation to take. In fact, clamoring after success can get exhausting after awhile. Eventually, you just want to roll out your own red carpet and call the press. This is when the idea of a legacy starts to emerge. A legacy is what is left and handed down once you are no longer part (personally) of your business and this principle is tightly woven with two key factors: That you were successful while operating your endeavor and that the impact of your business is ever lasting and not controlled by your presence alone. The difference might be simple enough to spot from the offset; success doesn’t last as long as a legacy. But when looked at from the perspective of your clients who would you rather work with: someone who wants to create change larger than himself or someone who is looking to afford their second vacation home?

In order to create legacy (this isn’t Thor – so on earth legacy is built not born) then there are two crucial elements that need to be focused on: Brand and Community. It’s important you have a crystal clear vision of the change you are looking to create. For more information on how to become a visionary click here.  

Having a direction is incredibly important but then you need to start putting your vision into action. In order to build a legacy for your business, having a brand that your audience identifies with is crucial. And, to be clear, by brand I don’t mean create a pretty website with a funky logo. No, I mean you need to articulate your beliefs so strongly in your messaging that fans will automatically be drawn to you.  This brand, eventually, needs to become bigger then just you. It needs to be a whole community of people who work with you to put this message into action. People who align with your vision of the world naturally and want to see this change happen as much as you do. These are the people who are going to allow you to spread your wings and reach more people. Because, thankfully, legacy is not build behind a desk it is built by meeting people and creating long lasting relationships.

Once you have a strong brand and community it’s time to start spreading the word. Because this is how leaders are able to gain followers – they are constantly reminding you how they see the world. This is what legacy is about, suggesting a new perspective most people had never considered. It is this perspective – your vision on how the world should be – that is going to build your legacy. And, the way in which you spread the word is by incorporating your beliefs in the way in which you do everything. You need to reform your beliefs when you’re in a boardroom or on the phone with your mom, in all-staff meetings, on blog posts and sales calls and your videos on YouTube. Living and breathing your belief –constantly regurgitating your views – is what will stamp your legacy as yours.

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