The Daring, Definitive and Ultimate Yankee Quiz (IV)

By Harvey Frommer
Harvey Frommer
Harvey Frommer
December 21, 2015 Updated: December 21, 2015

Apparently, even though the Bronx Bombers are out of the post-season this time around and did not have much going for them during the 2015 winter meetings, there are enough fans still interested in all things Yankees. So as a result of popular demand—here is the fourth installment of the brain-teaser called ULTIMATE YANKEE QUIZ.

Incidentally, your loyal scribe is hard at work on what is being billed as “The Ultimate Yankee Book” so if you have questions and answers, stories, sidebars, send them along for the book.

Now, let’s get to the quiz:

42. Mickey Mantle hits his final home run, off a Red Sox Pitcher. Who was he?

A. Ray Culp B. Jim Lonborg C. Jose Santiago D. Sparky Lyle

43. Who has put in more consecutive years as the everyday play-by-play announcer than anyone else in Yankees history?

A. Red Barber B. Mel Allen C. John Sterling D. Curt Gowdy

44. How many attended to make for the record smallest crowd in the history of the Yankee franchise?

A. 1,000 B. 413 C. 5,400 D. 8,810

45. Who asked: “Where is Reggie Jackson? We need Mr. October or a Mr. September. Winfield is Mr. May.” _______

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46. How many times did George Steinbrenner change the manager during his first twenty-three seasons?

A. 10 B. 15 C. 18 D. 20

47. Who made up the “Core Four”? _______

48. Who said “Yankee Stadium was a mistake, not mine, but the Giants.

A. Yogi Berra  B. Harry Frazee  C. Jake Ruppert  D. Babe Ruth

49. Who played more games for the Yankees than any other player in history?

A. Mickey Mantle B. Babe Ruth C. Lou Gehrig D. Derek Jeter

50. When did the Yankees play at Shea Stadium when Yankee Stadium was being refurbished? _______

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51. Who wore uniform Number 2 before Derek Jeter? _______

52. Who originally designed the Yankees logo?

A. Jake Ruppert B. NYC Police Department C. Tiffany D. A fan

53  First-baseman Wally Pipp has gone down in history for being the player Lou Gehrig replaced. What other distinction belongs to Pipp?

A. He was a manager. B. He came from the same neighborhood Gehrig grew up in.  C. He was a home run champ. D. He made money endorsing aspirin.

54. Who was the first major leaguer to hit two grand slams in the same game?

A. Babe Ruth B. Lou Gehrig C. Mickey Mantle D. Tony Lazzeri

55. Who played the most games for the Yankees?

A. Mickey Mantle B. Yogi Berra C. Lou Gehrig D. Derek Jeter

56. Who was the first DH to bat? (He was a Yankee)

A. Jerry Moses B. Ron Bloomberg C. Fred Stanley D. Johnny Callison

ANSWERS (No peeking)

42. B. Jim Lonborg

43. C. John Sterling

44. B. 413

45. George Steinbrenner

46. C. 20

47. Derek Jeter, Jose Posada, Andy Petite, Mariano Rivera

48. C. Jake Ruppert

49. A. Mickey Mantle played more games for the Yankees than any other player, with 2,401.

50. 1974 and 1975

51. A. Mike Gallego wore it in 1992, 1993 and 1994

52. The interlocking NY logo was originally designed by Louis C. Tiffany for the NYPD valor medal.

53 C. Pipp was an American League home run champion in 1916–17.

54. D. Tony Lazzeri

55. D. Derek Jeter

56. B. Ron Bloomberg

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