The Communist Party Owns the Police

February 19, 2007 Updated: February 19, 2007

A reporter from Sound of Hope recently interviewed a police officer living in Sichuan Province who announced he was quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the Epoch Times website.

This officer thinks that China is under the rule of the Communist Party and it does not have a healthy legal system, which has caused corruption and darkness. Talented people will never be successful and the most unscrupulous people can go all the way up, The country and society is lead by those corrupted people and as a result the conditions of social and economic development is becoming more and more unfair. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting larger and the crime rate is getting higher. People of course can't live and work in peace under these circumstances.

The reporter asked the policemen whether the police force represent a kind of power to get rid of the cruel and pacify the good people to stabilize the society? This officer who had quit the CCP expressed:

(Recording) Officer: Do you know the CCP owns the police force?

Policeman: Mainland China is dominated by the CCP. I can tell you that first and foremost, the organization is dark; secondly people there are not of one mind; thirdly the crime rate is extremely high and people can't live and work in peace. Of course the forth thing is the huge gap between the rich and the poor, some have a car and live in a house, some are living in shanties.

Reporter: With the current economic situation in China, are there still people eating grassroots?

Policeman: Yes, the situation is better in Chengdu City now; but if you go to the Badong areas or Deng Xiaoping's hometown, Wangan, to take a look around, you can see that their living conditions are extremely poor.

Policeman: Under the one-party dictatorship of the CCP, there is absolutely no way to implement the legal system to eliminate corruption.

Policeman: How should I talk about China's legal system? Ai, the law is useless because the legal system is not functioning!

Policeman: You asked me if the corruption is very bad here, right?

Reporter: How bad is it now?

Policeman: Every official is corrupt. What I can say is that I know the system of the CCP is very dark.

Reporter: How dark is it?

Policeman: Capable people can't move up and incapable people can go to a higher position as long as the chief allows it.

Reporter: What are the causes of crimes at present?

Policeman: There are so many reasons but there is one reason that is rising, it is that they are taking revenge against society.

Reporter: Can you talk about this trend for vengeance, how does it happen?

Policeman: For example, when someone is going to serve the sentence after he commits a crime, policemen treat him very badly and the society also doesn't attach importance to them etc., so they start to take revenge.

Reporter: What do they do then?

Policeman: Murder, robbery.