The Chinese Communist Party Is Sinking Like the Titanic, But Officials Have a Plan

June 9, 2020 Updated: June 15, 2020


Some people might wonder why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants to take over Hong Kong regardless of losing the prosperity it generates as a financial center, or why the CCP is building One Belt, One Road, or why it spreads so much money around in Africa, and or why it boasts in its propaganda that China is helping different countries during the pandemic, while the majority of the Chinese people are living in poverty.

In the United States, the poverty threshold for a single person is considered to be $1,063 per month. Recently, Chinese premier Li Keqiang said that about 600 million Chinese have incomes of less than 1,000 yuan ($141) per month.

According to Beijing Normal University research, around 964 million have incomes of under 2,000 yuan ($283) per month. That’s 69 percent of the total population.

Yet top CCP officials and the elite have huge amounts of money. The top 1 percent own one-third of the nation’s total wealth.

Retired top CCP officials’ medical expenses can be over 1 million yuan ($141,000) per year. They can get injected with young people’s blood to stay healthy, and, of course, they can change organs when needed.

China has a unique model: “Enrich the party and exploit the people.” Under the CCP’s rule, the Chinese people have experienced two processes of converting from a system of private property to state-owned property, confiscation followed by privatization.

When the CCP first took over China, it killed landowners and took their land, killed business owners and took their businesses. Private property became state-owned—actually, CCP-owned. Everything in China is owned by the CCP.

When China’s economy was close to falling off a cliff, Western countries bailed out the CCP. With the opening of trade and the U.S. market to China, China privatized a lot of land and companies, but CCP officials and their relatives got the lion’s share of opportunities.

The CCP used the ideals of socialism to rob people of their property, then privatized it into their own hands.

Among top officials, there’s a secret plan for a “sinking boat.” They’re insiders and know better than the majority of Chinese how corrupt the system is and that it’s not sustainable. These CCP elites don’t take China as their home country. They see the country as a place temporarily held by them where they can grab money and prepare to leave.

That’s why they’re willing to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, just to get a few eggs right now, as in Hong Kong. It’s the same model that’s applied to the entire country. China is only a temporary hunting ground for grabbing money.

In 2012, the following internal data leaked out: 90 percent of central party committee members had relatives and children who had emigrated to foreign countries; 85 percent of top officials were ready to abandon their positions and escape the country.

That’s why China doesn’t allow any officials above mid-level local positions to hold their passports. The higher the position, the more the CCP officials know that the CCP crisis is reaching a boiling point. They’ve moved their assets out, prepared to run away, and are even prepared in an emergency to destroy the central database to cover their tracks.

That’s part of their plan for the “sinking boat.” That’s why they use state money to corrupt international officials, make friends with many countries, and generously spread money to some foreign lands while giving very little to their own people.

Taiwanese economist Wu Jialong said that a Taiwanese businessman told him that Jia Qinglin, the former chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, “hired a private jet loaded with gold, dollars, euros, and more, and flew to Cambodia.”

One can see why the CCP cares even for small countries.

The majority of people in China don’t know it’s a sinking boat. They enjoy as much as they can while ignoring how the CCP corrupts the morality of society, just like the drinking, singing passengers on the sinking Titanic.

What top CCP officials are most afraid of is Western countries’ sanctions of individuals.

Diana Zhang, Ph.D., is a staff writer with 20 years’ experience in the study of China. Based in the United States, she uses a pen name to protect her family members in China.

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