The Big Business Of Selling Domains

November 18, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Whether somebody knows it or not, if you bought domains early in the stages of the internet that you have forgotten about then you could be sitting on a gold mine. There are certain domain names that have become popular or are everyday household names now that they may not have been a decade ago. For example, if for some reason you bought a domain named in the early 2000’s then Xbox would be willing to have paid you copious amounts of money when the product came to fruition.

How To Sell

There are several different websites that specialize in selling domain names. The highest domain cost sold was sold for $13 million. There are a lot of different sites that will let you auction off your site or list it for sale.

Ebay- If you haven’t heard of Ebay selling domains, the platform for auctioning domains fits perfectly with Ebay. This is the place if you want to find random things, much like their other sections on the site. If you want targeted domains then your best bet is to look elsewhere.

Godaddy- If you are looking for the quantity over quality then is for you. They specialize in cheap domain registration and auctions. This is like Ebay in the fact that you can have a minimum set for your domain when you are selling it. Not to say that low cost domains cannot payoff in a large way but the research that is done also has quite a lot of luck to do with it.

Forums- There are many forums online that have an online community that specializes in the selling and trading of online goods like domains. If you want an established domain with good traffic metrics, look into an SEO rich domain depending on the value you put on the metrics of your site. This is also a great place to find hosting or people to write your content for the site.

Who Has Made It Big Buying and Selling Domains?

There are people who make their living by buying and selling domains online and just doing that. One of the kings of the domain game is Mike Mann who has been doing this since 1998. Mike started out with a site that he had bought for only $70 and sold for $25,000 just a few years later. Mike has been called “The Domain King” among a host of other nicknames for his work in the domain buying and selling niche. Mann has the domain and is very willing to sell it…..for around 2 million dollars. Owning domains that are valuable is one of the best investments as the prices can be driven up immensely over the years.

As you can see, there are millions upon millions of websites. Some can cost around $5 and other can go in excess of $5 million dollars. One letter can be the difference between having a domain like and which cost one person a quite a lot of money. Educated guesses and buying in bulk can make this one of the most profitable ventures margin wise you could ever get into.