The Best Cloud Based Services for Discerning Web Users

December 23, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Simply put, cloud computing is ‘computing power delivered anywhere, anytime, driving on the global connectivity of the World Wide Web.’ FOR discerning web users, cloud computing has become a fascinating revolution that writing the first chapter of the new era of web browsing and web experiences. Not only do small and growing businesses get to enjoy the power of computing without having to deploy file servers, storage systems, e-mail servers, and what not, but also means that you can have access to a whole library of your personal data and your most important productivity applications without carrying any digital stuff with yourself. All you need is your account and login details to access the cloud based service or application, and you can resume from where you left! File storage services offering several GBs of space, online video clip making and other multimedia services such as ShakeM, web based content management and website publishing – everything is delivered across the cloud. Here’s a toast to the best cloud based services making the World Wide Web such an enjoyable and empowering experience for the most demanding of web users.

DropBox – Drop it, and get it anywhere         

You knew it; DropBox has to be the most useful cloud based service for web users. Allowing 2GB of free web based storage to users, Dropbox is an integral access for freelancers and routine web users. All the user needs to do is to install the DropBox app on the desktop or laptop, and easily sync the desired folders with the free cloud account. The synced data is accessible from any computer terminal across the globe, with access to the Internet, using Dropbox’s web address. Added features include the facility of selectively sharing folders, sending shared folder links to friends, clients, and family. For those who need to shift workstations throughout the day, Dropbox is their riddance from USB drives and data cables. Dropbox is also available for all mobile based operating systems, thus coming to the fore as the most comprehensive cloud based storage system.

Amazon EC2 – changing the way web users purchase computing infrastructure services

Amazon’s Elastic Cloud (EC2) is easily among the most widely used and widely revered cloud based computing services. Based on the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model of cloud computing, Amazon EC2 is a massive change to the way small businesses spend for more computing infrastructure. High end computing power is affordably available courtesy Amazon EC2. With virtual machines from the Xen based coveted Amazon platform offering superb computing power and resources, Amazon EC2 is the future of computing infrastructure services. Small businesses can actually replace their existing computing infrastructure setups or get the much needed additional computing bandwidth using these services. Paying only for what they need, and not necessarily having to invest in the groundwork, small businesses and adventurous web users can get the best computing power across the cloud, at prices less than $1,000 annually, for Windows platform, and even lesser for Linux platform.

Google Apps – the cocktail offering the best from the cloud

Of course, you have been using Google Mail and instant messaging client from quite a few years now, and don’t quite see any fascination in that. However, Google apps deliver the best from the world of cloud computing in the form of dozens of dedicated apps for performing specific functions. View, change and create documents of the most routinely used types using cloud based office tools from Google. Then, you have several cloud based business service tools such as accounts management and marketing oriented widgets. The best part – there are developers out there who can create a custom Google app for you! – the ‘everything’ of cloud computing services for businesses

Empowering businesses into more sales without compromising on time and operational expenses is, the pinnacle of dedicated business oriented cloud services. Encompassing myriad cloud services such as, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Heroku, RemedyForce, and Jigsaw, the suite is everything that an enterprise can require to manage its operations digitally from any corner of the world, and that too without foregoing any considerable amount of IT spending budget.