The Best Amsterdam Fashion Bloggers Need to Know

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times

Before talking style, let’s be clear about one thing. Did you know that Holland and the Netherlands are both names for the same country? Moreover, the people call themselves the Dutch. Luckily, the capital goes by just one name: Amsterdam. Lacking a vintage feeling, the Dutch style often seems less “European”. It’s more edgy and modern, which it makes closer to Scandinavian. Let’s see what creates a Dutch Signature.

1. Iris at A Dash of Fash  

Iris’ style is somwhere between girly-romantic and kawaii, hidden in pink polka dots. Mastering unique color and pattern combinations, ‘A Dash of Fash’ will make your days brighter. As a graphic designer and illustrator, Iris draws on her blog’s uplifting postcard from The Netherlands.

(Courtesy of Iris)


2. Andy at Style Scraper Book 

If you’re interested for a real Mexican vibe in the streets of Amsterdam, make a stop at Andy’s StylescrapBook blog. There’s always something original popping out her outfit, like a bow around her neck, the way she wears the latest trends, or even just her smile. Andy has been active in the blogging world for 6 years now and has made her appearance in a few of the biggest fashion magazines.

(Courtesy of Andy)


3. Sabrina at After DRK 

Sabrina’s blog evolved from personal diaries into an up-to-date fashion magazine! I would call her Dutch Garance Dore, with the best intention of course.

(Courtesy of Sabrina)


4. Laura at The World looks Red 

Laura Gommans lives in Amsterdam. One thing I like about her is how many different looks she can pull off while keeping her own style. Just look at that Peter pan collar with black jeans and bikers boots.

(Courtesy of Laura)


5. Liza at Liza Chloe 

It’s always fascinating to see bloggers’ styles changing based on their current city. With Liza Chloe, we are keeping an eye on her simple Dutch style influenced by the glamor of Paris.

(Courtesy of Liza)


6. Rosanna at Billie Rose

Rosanna has some serious advice about the latest trends, styled by herself in the streets of Netherland. Here, we are once again a step closer to that typical “Scandinavian style” thanks to Rosanna’s love story with grey & black.

(Courtesy of Rosanna)


7. Levi at Tlnique

With Vietnamese roots, Levi “aims for versatile chic with a touch of uniqueness”. In her blog she takes you on a personal journey through fashion, beauty, and wanderlust. Take note that it all happens in the most perfect outfits and photos.

(Courtesy of Levi)


8. Yara at Chapter Friday

Beautiful Yara evolved her ‘This chick’s got style’ blog into a Chapter Friday online-magazine-like kind of blog. I could spend hours just browsing through the shopping articles. But there is so much more into it. To keep in touch with Yara and her style, look for ‘Yara’s corner’. 

(Courtesy of Yara)


9. Lizzy at Lizzy vd Ligt 

Lizzy’s blog is definitely another one worth bookmarking. Every post creates another color and print, making it a vivid book you don’t want to stop reading.

(Courtesy of Lizzy)


10. Lucy at Lovely by Lucy 

Lovely Lucy from the same named Dutch blog is everything that I love about northern style: black & white with the occasional splashes of color as well as great cuts and mixes of the modern tomboy look. With a combination of long raven hair and sky-blue eyes, Lucy’s blog is a pleasant refreshment for a day.

Courtesy of Lucy