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February 6, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016
Draw inspiration from Japanese décor and incorporate simplistic beauty into your home.
Draw inspiration from Japanese décor and incorporate simplistic beauty into your home.

Japanese décor is considered by many to be one of the most pleasing design styles today. Neutral colors, and the order of Japanese design create an open, peaceful feeling that many other styles simply don’t offer.

Far from being a kitsch blend of exotic elements, Japanese-inspired décor is minimalistic and simplistic, and blends beautifully with a modern, contemporary home. Japanese décor also adds a soothing, peaceful feeling to a home, allowing you to transform a space into your own, welcoming retreat from the outside world.

Take inspiration from Japan and use it to inspire the décor in a room, or incorporate it throughout your home. Here’s how you can bring the beauty of Japan into your home.

View: 4' x 6' Oriental Floor Canvas (Pack of 4)
View: 4′ x 6′ Oriental Floor Canvas (Pack of 4)

Décor: Contrast and Balance

Japanese culture strives to achieve balance through opposing forces. Japanese décor embraces a number of materials and textures that provide a perfect melding of contrast, and balance. When incorporating Japanese inspiration into your own home, think of obtaining an open, spacious appearance, and look to make a statement with contrast.

View: Urli Transitional Planter
View: Urli Transitional Planter

Style: Minimalist and Peaceful

Asian inspired décor is a beautiful design style for a modern home. Each element in Japanese design and art is chosen carefully and purposefully, resulting in a design style that’s both minimalistic, and soothing.

View: White Koi Fish Vase
View: White Koi Fish Vase

Colors: Black, White, Neutral, and Natural

To create a space that draws from the beauty of Japan, incorporate black and white, with plenty of neutral colors, or tones that draw inspiration from nature. A statement can be made by using one strong, contrasting color. Keep in mind that Japanese style décor often uses black to add form. Think of the shoji screen, or the black and white of Japanese lamps.

Japanese design draws inspiration from nature: smooth stones, bonsai trees, bamboo, or koi all feature in Japanese décor. Just remember to balance, and employ a minimalist approach, and only include the necessary details. In Japanese décor, less is often more.

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