The Bachelorette Spoilers 2014: Ron Worrell Leaves Show; Eric Hill and Tasos Hernandez Get Eliminated

The Bachelorette aired at a special time and day on Sunday night this week, and the two-hour episode will continue on Monday.

The regular eliminations were Brett and Bradley, but Ron Worrell also left because he received a sudden phone call telling him that a friend had just died.

He packed up and left, only stopping to inform everyone of the death.

Eric Hill, meanwhile, got the first one-on-one date but it was interrupted by the delivery of a huge bouquet of flowers and a note from Nick for Andi.

Eric felt bad about the whole thing while Andi couldn’t help grinning.

Meanwhile, in second part of the episode, Dylan Petitt gets a one-on-one date, as well as Marcus Grodd. Andi and Dylan spend time on a train while she and Marcus go rapelling and then go to an inn for dinner, according to Reality Steve.

There’s also a group date with 11 guys (Chris, Brian, Nick, Tasos, Marquel, Andrew, Pat, Josh, Eric, JJ, and Cody) playing basketball against each other with the losing team being forced to leave the date.

Brain, a former basketball player and current coach, gets the group date rose.

He spends time alone with Andi and they kiss.

Before the rose ceremony, Eric Hill gets let go by Andi.

“She then cancelled the cocktail party. Not sure what ABC is going to show regarding his exit, but my guess it will not be what actually transpired between these two because it wasn’t the most positive exit we’ve ever had,” said Steve.

“Not that it was horrible just drama surrounding it, but considering what’s happened since he left the show, maybe they don’t show all the footage. Make no mistake though, if this tragedy didn’t happen, Eric’s exit would’ve been something that was focused more on. They’d never pass on drama surrounding someone leaving. Lets see what ABC decides to show [in] this episode before we get into the circumstances behind his exit.”

Also, Tasos Hernandez will be elimianted in the rose ceremony

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