The Bachelorette Spoilers: 2 Contestants Revealed After Connecticut Dates

March 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Two contestants on the latest “Bachelorette” season have been revealed as filming for the show went to Connecticut before contestants and Andi Dorfman head overseas. 

Dorfman had two 1-on-1 dates in Connecticut as well as a group date and possibly had more dates later in the week.

Blogger Reality Steve also revealed two of the contestants on the show.

-Ron Worrell, 28, Nashville, Tennessee.

Worrell speaks four languages and works as a distributor sales manager for MillerCoors. He graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans om 2008 with a Bachelor’s in marketing.

His parents also worked for the United Nations so he grew up living in Israel, Barbados, and multiple spots in the U.S.

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-Cody Sattler: 28, Chicago, Illinois.

Sattler hails from Omaha, Nebraska and graduated from Kansas State University. He works as a personal trainer.

Sattler also works as a boot camp instructor at Chicago Boot Camp Club. 

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The Bachelorette is set to premiere in May 2014. 

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