The Bachelor ‘Women Tell All’ Spoilers: Contestants Criticize Juan Pablo–Especially Andi and Cassandra

February 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Bachelor “Women Tell All” ABC special will feature the contestants discussing their animosity toward Juan Pablo. Some of the women felt pain such that they actually burst into tears, such as Kelly Travis. 

The special was taped in Los Angeles last Friday, with all the women who made it past night one but finalists Clare and Nikki, and Amy Long, there. Kylie and Lauren H. from night one were also in attendance.

Renee, Andi, and Sharleen were put on the hot seat, according to reality television blog Reality Steve. “The only thing notable from any of them was that Chris mentioned to Renee something about her having a new man in her life, and she played coy,” he said. “She does. Don’t know his name, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing him soon.”

The overall focus of the girls was criticizing Pablo as opposed to fighting amongst themselves, Steve said. “Whether or not that gets edited out, I don’t know.”

Former Bachelor Sean and his wife Catherine make an appearance to talk about married life, and there was also a bloopers video from this season.

“Once Juan Pablo appeared, he was called out on certain things like why he never asked the girls anything about themselves, why he talked about himself a lot, and even why he used Camila as an excuse so much to not kiss girls. Also taking Renee to hometowns and meeting her son only to let her go.”

Cassandra criticized Pablo over getting her sons name wrong and about kissing her but not Renee, because he said he didn’t kiss Renee because she’s a mother.

Another spoilers comes from InTouch Weekly, which elaborates on the hate from the women. 

“Usually at Women Tell All the women turn on each other,” an eyewitness said. “But not this time. They just hate him.” “The girls wanted to tell Juan Pablo that he played this season all wrong,” says a second source who was at the taping. “Everyone ganged up on him and called him out for all his [expletive]”

In fact, when bachelors enter these shows, the girls usually clap. This time, they didn’t. “There were a lot of bitter girls,” the witness aid.

Andi Dorfman was particularly angry, saying that Pablo never apologized for anything.


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