‘The Bachelor’ Winner Spoilers: Juan Pablo Offered Money to Propose to Nikki?

February 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

As this season of of “The Bachelor” winds down, spoilers about the winner have been coming out.

Nikki and Clare are left after the last episode.

Reality television blogger Reality Steve says that Nikki will be the winner–but that Juan Pable isn’t going to propose to her on the final episode.

At the same time, Pablo has an offer on the table from people at ABC to propose at the “After the Final Rose” show. 

“This offer isn’t, ‘Hey, you two are in love and we’d love to compensate you for getting engaged on the live ATFR for everyone to see.’ No, what I was saying is Juan Pablo has no interest in getting engaged to her. He never did. To anyone. From the moment he signed on. And nothing’s changed,” claims Reality Steve. “They essentially are resorting to bribing him with money to do it. This is a, ‘Please do this for us. We’ll pay you.’ Whether he does or not remains to be seen. My gut tells me he won’t, but we all know money talks. You never know.”

The blogger insists that even if Pablo proposes to Nikki he doesn’t plan on marrying her.

Lots of rumors are flying about Pablo, including that he may be romantically involved with Mayra Veronica after they were pictured at a basketball game.

The next episode, “The Women Tell All,” will air on March 3.

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