The Bachelor 2015: Andi Dorfman Confirms Chris Soules is the Next Bachelor?

The Bachelorette 2014 is wrapping up and people are wondering who the next Bachelor is going to be.

Chris Soules has been increasingly pegged as the next Bachelor, with both blogger Reality Steve and former Emily Maynard saying that they believe it will be him.

If it is Chris, “I think every girl in America will be signing up to be on the next season of The Bachelor in hopes of meeting Chris!” said Maynard in a blog post.

Andi Dorfman did seem confirm that Chris will be the next Bachelor with two tweets, prompting The Stir to write an article: “Andi Totally Ruins the Next ‘Bachelor’ Announcement.”

“Don’t call me an idiot… I just gave you a chance with a sweetheart.. #TheBachelorette,” she said after it was revealed that Chris was sent home.

“Hate me now but you’ll love me later when and if you are lucky enough to get a chance with Chris #TheBachelorette #breakupforthebetter,” she added later.

Reality Steve, who publishes a range of spoilers about the franchise, has said that it’s Chris’ gig if he wants it.

And it does appear that he wants it. Chris was asked by Yahoo whether he’d accept if asked to be the next Bachelor.

“It’s a loaded question. They may not even think I’d be a good one. They certainly haven’t asked me. No one official has even mentioned it. … If they did, I think it would be a no-brainer for me, because I would never meet those kind of girls in my town of 700. It’s a unique opportunity to meet 25 women who are interested in me and my lifestyle and who already know they’d have to move to Iowa. And I know it can work because I fell in love.

Mike Fleiss, a Bachelor producer, said via Twitter this week that a the next Bachelor hasn’t been chosen. “Choosing the next Bachelor is proving to be very challenging… #toughcall,” he said. Lots of fans responded, saying they’d like to see Chris as the Bachelor.

The next Bachelor season is slated to start filming later this year and premiere in January 2015.

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