‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Release Date, Trailer, News, and Rumors

January 6, 2014 Updated: January 6, 2014

The Avengers: Age of Ultron, also known as Avengers 2, is gearing up to be one of the best superhero movies ever, and is set for a May 1, 2015 release date.

So what’s the latest news, and what rumors are flying around lately?


Jeremey Renner is confirmed as coming back as Hawkeye, reported Latino Review. That rounds out the superstar cast, with Scarlett Johansson returning as the Black Widow; Chris Hemsworth returning as Thor; Robert Downey Jr. returning as Iron Man; Chris Evans returning as Captain America; Samuel L. Jackson returning as Nick Fury; and Mark Ruffalo returning as the Hulk.

James Spader is joining as Ultron, as is Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver.

And Joss Whedon has been confirmed as director. He directed “The Avengers.”

The release date is confirmed. The trailer is below.

And now it looks like filming in South Africa can be moved from rumors to news, as J.P van der Merwe, a South-Africa based casting coordinator, was added to the production crew, according to IMDB. 


That leads to the latest rumor: will the film include the Black Panther, or T-Challa, whose homeland is the fictional African nation of Wakanda? Possibly.

Another big rumor is that Robert Downey Jr. is pushing to get his friends Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster involved with the film, a source told RadarOnline. Downey just signed a five-year deal with Marvel Studios that will have him make two more Avenger movies, as well as consult on future films in the Iron Man franchise.

“Robert is raising eyebrows with his efforts on behalf of his longtime best pals Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson,” the source said. “He wants to bring Mel and Jodie into the Marvel universe, preferably in one of the Avengers films. It’s been a longtime dream of Robert’s to help Mel and Jodie reach similar big box office heights like the ones he’s achieved in recent years.”

The source noted that Foster has a better shot of making it in than Gibson, because of trouble stemming from Gibson’s alleged anti-semitism in 2006.

Marvel is run by one of the richest and most prominent Israeli businessmen in Hollywood, and you can be sure even if Robert got down on his knees and begged, there’s no place for Mel in the Marvel films,” the source said. However, “Robert is very big into working with his friends. Ashley Hamilton and Iron Man 3 director Shane Black both credit him with making the final push to get them hired.”

The remaining major rumors concern two other possible actors: Don Cheadle, who was in two “Iron Man” films, may join as Colonel James Rhodes, and Anthony Mackie may join as Sam Wilson-The Falcon.


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