The Astonishing Moment Couple Tried to Step Outside Their NJ Home, but Found Snow Blocked Entire Doorway

January 26, 2016 Updated: January 26, 2016

A New Jersey couple planned to check out how much snow the blizzard dropped outside their home, but after they prepared to step outside they found snow covering their entire doorway.

Shawn Yun and Helen Liu live in Kendall Park.

They were shocked to realize that their door was practically sealed shut from the snow, Yin told ABC.

Middlesex County was slammed with 27 inches of snow over the weekend.

“My wife was worried. That’s why we emailed our property manager,” Yin said.

A crew finally made it to the area on Sunday morning, and spent about an hour clearing the snow away from the door.

Yin said his neighbors’ front doors were spared of the massive buildup.

Yin said he and his wife did check their garage and back door to make sure they had an exit in case of emergency.

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