Texas Woman Accused of Filling Neighbor’s Door Locks With Super Glue

March 7, 2018 Updated: March 7, 2018

A Texas man wants help because he says his neighbor has been filling his locks with super glue.

Rodrigo Camus said that Dallas Rose Lott, 64, has been trespassing and vandalizing his property in Houston for months.

She lives next door to the 3-bedroom townhouse that Camus is trying to sell but he says her actions have scared off potential buyers.

Just the other day, Camus said he arrived at the house only to be threatened by Lott. She was holding a club, he claimed.

He recorded the confrontation on his cell phone and he said that cameras at his house have recorded Lott, who has a warrant out for her arrest, messing with the locks.

She filled locks with super glue, and others with pins, Camus said.

“I’ve changed the door knobs like five times and cleaned spray paint,” he told ABC.

Lott has faced criminal mischief charges before. Her attorney withdrew from representing her in 2016 because she wouldn’t cooperate with him.

Camus said he feels Lott has mental problems although a judge found her mentally competent.

He’s tried to locate some of her family members to try to diffuse the situation but to no avail.

“It’s kind of like, are they waiting for things to escalate. For her to do something? I feel like there’s been absolutely no response,” Camus said.

Facebook users said Camus has a good case.

“She is crazy. She may hear voices and really believe her side of the story. If her attorney withdrew counsel, then he must recommend a psychological exam,” said one user.

“Each State has different rules but an inhospital evaluation may be necessary.”

Another added, “Good luck. We had one where I live and adult protective services did nothing!! Finally after she slapped someone the cops took her away. Awful!”

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