Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Decapitating Wife

December 18, 2017 Updated: December 18, 2017

A 24-year old Texan on Dec. 15 pleaded guilty to murder after he was charged with stabbing his wife to death, cutting off her head, and putting it in his freezer.

David Dauzat admitted to killing 21-year-old Natasha Dauzat in their home in the 4300 block of Concord Road in Bellmead, Texas, in August 2016.

According to McLennan County Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett, Dauzat was sentenced to 52 years in state prison. He could be eligible for parole in 26 years.

Jarrett said Natasha’s family asked him to accept a plea deal rather than put the couple’s two children through the trial, and the gruesome testimony which would ensue.

“They didn’t want to put the children through a trial and have them relive those memories,” Jarrett said.

The couple’s two children were in the house when the crime occurred. Allyssa, their daughter, had just had her third birthday, while their son, DJ, was a year old.

“While this killer earned a lifetime behind bars, the health of the children who witnessed this terrible act had to be considered,” said McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna. “The family and medical professionals were adamant that these children could not relive this unspeakable horror in a trial. The family and District Attorney will work together to ensure this defendant spends each day of his next 52 years locked behind bars.”

Police Visits

The police were dispatched to the couple’s home just hours before the fatal incident. They were responding to call from Dauzat’s brother at about 8:20 a.m. on Aug. 25, 2016.

The police said Dauzat’s brother “was concerned about… Davie’s well-being and wanted officers to locate and speak with Davie,” police said in a press release.

An officer and a supervisor visited the Dauzat residence and spoke with both David and Natasha.

“There was no indication from Natasha or Davie that either of them was in distress or in need of police intervention at that time. They both appeared calm and expressed their curiosity why the police were there,” police said.

The brother called again and told police that Dauzat had told him, “he killed his girlfriend.”

Police returned to the trailer where the Dauzats lived and found David Dauzat covered in blood. Dauzat refused to surrender at first, but eventually gave himself up.

Inside the home, police found Natasha Dauzat’s headless body and the couple’s two children, aged one and two.

Friends Had Feared for Natasha’s Safety

Ruthie Bucher, a close friend of Natasha, had a daughter the same age as Natasha, and the two had grown up playing together. Bucher told Heavy.com she considered Natasha a “second daughter.”

Bucher also talked to Heavy.com about Natasha’s husband.

“He used to physically and mentally abuse her,” she said. “She would come to our home to get away. She would have bruises, the last time I saw her she had a black eye.

“While at my house, he would yell at her over the phone and if she heard my son or husband’s [voice], he would accuse her of having an affair,” Bucher continued.

“He would want to know who was at my house and say mean things to her. If she didn’t answer, he would not stop calling leaving mean messages.”

Bucher said Natasha was afraid to leave him. “I feel like he would hunt her down if she would leave,” she said. “I mean, for goodness sake, she wasn’t allowed to even leave the house without him bugging her, even when he was at work.”

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